2015-06-02 21:52:29
Mail from other side of the world
Universidad de la República Salto, Uruguay using Enjoy Clicker System

"Dear Ada,

Well, finally we've used enjoy clickers in our classrooms. Some of our teacher started to use them and they're really satisfied. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

As I promise, i'm attaching to you some photos of the classroom. They were taken yesterday, in a first year engineering course.

Just for you to know how to refer to us, our affiliation is:
Physics Department, CENUR Litoral Norte, Universidad de la República. Salto, Uruguay.

Best regards,
Ing. Rodrigo Alonso Suárez
Profesor adjunto. Laboratorio de Energía Solar.
CENUR Litoral Norte, Universidad de la República. Salto, Uruguay.

Below is the public reply of Ada (G.M and Co-Owner of Enjoy Tech)

I got above email on 22 April, 2015, It is from República Oriental del Uruguay, I found it on the globe on my desk,

This email is one of the emails from our users over 80 countries, When I got this kind of emails, I always feel so happy and proud, I think maybe we really did a good job for education,

14 years ago, when my husband and I began to invent this system, we have the same wishes, Now, it seems come true.

I do hope so.

Ada Chen
G.M and Co-owner
Enjoy Tech


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