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Xiqiao high school using ENJOY student response system
Xiqiao high school using ENJOY student response system

Foshan city physics subject college entrance examination seminar was held at Foshan Xiqiao high school on Sep. 30th, 2015. The subject is about the research of interactive student response system for improving class teaching effectiveness.

100 high school physics teachers and 30 high school students attended at the seminar.

The seminar has two parts:
The first part is the demonstration lesson. The students used ENJOY student response keypad to do class quick tests, and the system gives real time knowledge verification. This is one of teacher Fan’s teaching features. In this way, he can know how every student’s understanding of the knowledge and contents provided at class, and then guide students in accordance with their problems.

The second part, teacher Fan shared with other teachers about he’s teaching experience and method. He said that he really benefit from using ENJOY student response system. He can fully engage his every student, increase teaching efficiency and create an interactive learning environment. And the student’s performances have been greatly improved, especially for the choice questions in exam, the students did much better than those in the class which did not use ENJOY student response system, no matter speed, or scores.

After the seminar, many teachers asked teacher Fan about ENJOY student response system. They are very interested in this system, and would like to adopt this teaching method.

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