Enjoy RF218-4 - RF Clickers (100m)

This response system includes multi-function student handsets that handle multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, and numeric answers (0-100). The multi-function radio frequency ENJOY RF218- 4 KEYS CLICKER handles up to 1,000 handsets.

The system includes: student handsets, software, receiver, instructor controller control with laser pointer, protective carrying case, and operating instructions.

General specs
° Works with Win XP, Vista, Windows 7, Win 8 and Linux.Compatible with Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32 bit)
° Transmission distance from handset to receiver: 100 meters radius (328 feet)
° Power source: AAA (1.5 volt) batteries for readily available low cost power
° System handles up to 1,000 handsets
° Impact resistant handsets and instructor controllers designed to withstand accidental drops
° Power saver controls turn off handsets after 30 minutes of no use to conserve power and extend battery life.
° Usual battery life in a classroom setting is two years.
° Handset and instructor controller buttons: Positive response buttons (you can feel when you press the buttons) protected by a spill resistant cover.
° Receiver connects to standard USB port on a PC
° 2.4GHz digital RF technology
° LCD display
° 4 radios channels
° 11 Activity modes
° Support Self-Paced-Response
° Support Multi-Correct-Options
° ID Address Programmable
° Power required: two 1.5 volt batteries
° Transmission distance: > 100 meters
° Battery life: > 1 to 2 years for ordinary use
° High Speed - 100 audience keypads transmission < ONE second (similar products may require 5 seconds or more).
° Super-Wide-angle signal transmission: 360 degrees angle
° ID number changeable (compare to the obsolete ID setting mode of similar products), No need to keep a large stock of student remote. (For resellers)
° Support cascade and uplink option
° Support up to 999 audience keypads (enhanced version)
° Easy to install, easy to use
° Plug-in software of MS PowerPoint
° Multifunctional instructor controller
° USB port or 232 port connection
° Third party software supportable

About software
Enjoy software is easy to use because it works directly with MS PowerPoint. If you already use PowerPoint you’ll find the familiar formats, icons, and commands. With Enjoy Response Systems software you have access to the full range of PowerPoint design templates and features to create interesting interactive slides. You can operate the PowerPoint slides with Enjoy’s easy to use instructor controller control. Enjoy software allows easy import of graphics into slides, easy import of student rosters and export of data and reports using MS Excel.

Enjoy software is provided on a CD with each system and can also be downloaded from the web. There are no licensing charges or per seat fees or additional charges for Enjoy software.

° 18 language versions: Chinese simple, Chinese traditional, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese,Slovenian,Russian, Turkish, Hungarian Korean. Italian, Dutch…etc
° PowerPoint plug-in, easy to learn and use, for the PowerPoint is familiar to many people.
° Provides 10 kinds of activity-models for interactive teaching and meeting
° Professional statistics analysis engine, automatically produce 10 kinds of reports tracking and recording the process of the activities
° Colorful and multiform multimedia questions
° Flexible data transformation, analysis results can be presented in html and txt formats.
° Statistics data can be exported as xls format.
° Prompt diagnosis of teaching effectiveness and improve teaching process
° Supports oral, blackboard or paper-based questions.
° Auto-recognize function, no need transform of the used PPT slides.
° Auto-setting question and options.

About instructor controller
If you are a dynamic teacher or meeting leader and like to move around the room to work with your students, you will enjoy the freedom and convenience of the ENJOY instructor controller control. The built-in laser pointer makes it easy to point to key items on a slide or whiteboard. The remote allows you to operate your PowerPoint slides from anywhere in the room with a compact intuitive remote. Move forward or back through your materials, start or stop a quiz, display the results of a question wherever you are in the room.

° LED status
° 4 radios channels
° Laser indicator build-in
° Power required: two 1.5 volt batteries
° Transmission distance: > 100 meters
° Transmission angle: 360 degree
° Battery life: > 1 year for ordinary use
° Durable and not easily breakable, will not break or damage even drop to the cement ground from 5 meters high.
° Easy to use
° Maintain full control over every presentation
° Present slides, going backwards, forwards, showing charts etc.
° Select a user at random to answer a question
° Control games procession.
° Over 1 year battery life for normal use.
° It will enter Power Saving Mode within 5 seconds when is left idle
° It's clipper-built, small and exquisite, very suitable for handhold

About student remote
The RF218-4keys handset is designed for easy use with questions that require a numeric answer between 0 - 100 (e.g. 7 X 7 = Y), multiple choice questions (A, B, C and D answer options), true/false questions, and yes/no questions.

The handset has an LCD screen and answer transmission indicator that tells the students when an answer has been sent, and an answer confirmation indicator that tells the students their answer has been received by the system.

This handset works with self-paced tests, group tests and quizzes, and for recording and submitting homework. In the self-paced mode, students have a paper copy of the test and work through the questions at their own pace. Students can go back and review questions and change their answers.

In the group test mode, the questions are asked one at a time, either with a projector or verbally by the instructor. The group answers question one before proceeding to question two. The instructor controls the time allowed for each question.

In the homework mode, students save the answers to the homework on the handset. During the next class, the students transmit the answers from their handset to the teacher’s computer.

Handsets are interchangeable among students. If a student forgets her or his handset in another classroom, a spare handset can be quickly reset to the number assigned to that student.

° LED status: green and red
° LCD display
° 4 radios channels
° 11 Activity modules
° Support Self-Paced-Response
° Support Multi-Correct-Options
° ID Address Programmable
° Power required: two 1.5 volt batteries
° Transmission distance: > 100 meters
° Transmission angle: 360 degree
° Battery life: > 1 to 2 years for ordinary use
° Durable and not easily breakable, will not break or damage even drop to the cement ground from 5 meters high
° Easy to use
° Up to 999 remote controllers can be used at once (enhanced version)
° WDT reset support automatic program reset feature

About Receiver
The radio frequency receiver connects to the USB port on a PC. The receiver can be mounted on a desk, wall or ceiling or put on any places without being covered by metal materials. A mounting kit is included with the system.

° 2.4GHz digital RF technology
° 4 radios channels

REC-218A: black, opaque
REC-218B: blue, opaque
REC-218C: white, opaque

REC-218A: USB port or 232 port
REC-218B: USB port
REC-218C: USB port

REC-218A: 0.4 Kg
REC-218B: 0.1 Kg
REC-218C: 0.03 Kg

Size ( L x W x H )
REC-218A: 137*137*50mm
REC-218B: 100*60*27mm
REC-218C: 104*26*18mm

° Operating Temperature: 0-40 degree
° Power required: DC12V, 800MA adapter or no extra power required
° Operating Relative Humidity: 0-90%
° Operating Power: <1mw
° Receiving angle: 360 degree
° Receiving distance: 100 meters radial
° High processing speed - 999 audience keypads transmission <5 second
° One receiver support up to 999 student keypads
° Easy to install - use one RJ-45 cable for data & power


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