Interactive Whiteboard - Enjoy Q-boards

ENJOY Qboard is a large dimension interactive touch system specially designed for business, education, and other industries.Possessing the power of transforming your space to a dynamic learning, training or working environment, ENJOY Qboard brings a whole new level of interactivity.

Technology: Infrared Technology
Writing Styles: Finger or Pen
Location Technology: 3 points calibration
Precision of location and writing: 0.1mm
Resolution (dpi): 4096(W) × 4096(D)
Cursor Speed: 120 dots/second
Respond Rate: First point 25 ms, Sequence point 8 ms
Power and Consume Current: 3 w, work with USB-5V, current ≤100mA
Data Port: USB
Connection Cable Length: 5 ~ 15 metres
Dimension: 74 ~ 127 (inch)
Screen Proportion: 4:3 or 16:9
Mouse Impression: Compatible with Windows mouse, smart right/left click functions built-in
Standard Components: Plastic Pen 1 PCS, Stainless steel pointer 1 PCS, Wall hangings installation 1 set, Software and Driver CD 1 PCS
Installation Solution: Wall hangings, Bracket, Other installing solutions like joint, push/pull and track
Bracket (optional): Drop and moveable bracket, height: 1.8m ~ 2.2 m
OS: Windows XP/2003/Vista
Software: ENJOY Qboard or any other third party IWB software available
Working Temperature: -10 ~ 50 degree Celsius
Working Humidity: 20% ~ 85%
Other Features:

  • Single finger write, no need extra pen

  • Multi-fingers move, all in your hand

  • Smart right click of mouse

  • No extra pen is needed, no continue investigation at all

  • Aluminum board, solidity and durable, writing times: 700000 times

Model and dimension
ModelFrame Area (mm)Active Input Area(mm)Screen ProportionDimension (inch)

ENJOY Qboard Features

  • Suspend control toolbar, can be open or hidden

  • Focus Lamp

  • Paint Can

  • Writing Pen

  • Brush Pen

  • Screen Pen

  • Full Screen

  • Grap Pen

  • Eraser

  • Calculator

  • Text input

  • Object Choice and Operation

  • Camera

  • Screen curtain

  • Fluorescence pen

  • Record the current presentation as pictures

  • Ruler

  • Magnifier

  • ENJOY audience response system software built in

  • Support any third interactive whiteboard software

See how the whiteboards are used together with ARS at:


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Portable Board EW-3