Enjoy KC210/MCK - Enjoy AV Controllers

Stressed over giving presentations? You won’t have to worry about dealing with all the controls of multiple pieces of audio visual equipment when you use the ENJOY AV Controller. The ENJOY AV Controller will make your life easier and let you focus on your presentation. Equipment will work more smoothly and you will be an eloquent presenter.


  • Full controlling in your hand

  • Easy control by your hand

  • Powerful IR signal learning functions

  • High compatibility, low wrong code rate

  • Window of software changeable, can add LOGO of the clients

  • Timer

  • Auto-delay shut-off the projector

  • One-press is ok

Technical Specifications

  • 6*2 AV Switch

  • 3*2 VGA Switch

  • 8- channel IR control

  • 1-channel RS232 control

  • 2-channel light control

  • 1- channel equipment power control

  • 1-channel projector power control

  • 1-channel screen control


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