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Hardware Feature
  • EnjoyGalaxyEnjoy Galaxy is an intelligent LED system which can transforming crowds into living LED display screen, as well as lighting up the audiences. LED glasses is one version of Enjoy Galaxy.
  • Pixel Control
  • One device, one pixel
  • RF Control
  • 2.4G radio frequency technology
  • Programmable
  • Image or video, you can design what you like: ripples and waves, strobe, equalizer, spot light, part show, real-time display and more
  • 128 Colors Display
  • Portable and Wearable
  • Cordless, No installation
  • Interactive
  • Can be used to do interactive games, say Lucky draw
  • Living and giant LED display screen
  • Imaging 100K people making a giant Logo or countdown
Work Mode

Our users from around the world

All above pictures are real use pictures of EnjoyGalaxy.

Light up your audiences! Making them part of the show!.

See how EnjoyGalaxy extended the stage light design to audience seats in Korea Mnet Boys24 talent show

See how EnjoyGalaxy portable and programmable lights gave support to performance props at Indonesia National Games in 2016

See how EnjoyGalaxy glow sticks make special light effects at company annual meeting

See how EnjoyGalaxy made light wave in Korea music festival

See how EnjoyGalaxy make live stage, synchronize with music and interact with dancer

For more videos, please visit our EnjoyGalaxy YouTube

Detailed specifications
  • Dimensions: bottom diameter 5.7 cm, top diameter 6.1 cm, height 15 cm
  • Can be customized to any other size
  • Weight: 120 grams
  • Material: PMMA or glass
  • 128 colors: red, green, blue... (solid color has a better effect)
  • Brightness level: 3, high, middle and low
  • Battery life: 4-5 hours (can fall asleep and automatically wake up by software)
  • Lithium battery: battery capacity 220MAH, rechargeable
  • Charging time: 2 hours, charger: 4.2V, 0.11A
  • EnjoyGlaxy control panel is used for fast control of of the light result
  • 2.4GHz digital RF technology
  • Power required: get power from PC via USB port
  • 8 buttons: Next scene, F1, F2, Auto, Next Page, Color, Mode, Manual
  • EnjoyGalaxy Control Panel is optional, users can use mouse or touch screen to control the light result also
  • EnjoyGalaxy Software working mode: Each glow stick has unique ID, one stick one pixel, controlled by base and software.
  • Work with Windows OS
  • Software function: Edit screen, design or import image
  • Software function: Design image /video display mode and result
  • Software function: Control the proceedings of the light show
  • EnjoyGalaxy base HHP version
  • Each HHP base station can support 3840 EnjyGalaxy light devices
  • Each HHP base's transmit distance (radius) > 300 meters (984 feet)
  • 35 HHP bases can be connected Maximally
  • EnjoyGalaxy base HP version
  • Each HP base station can support 3840 EnjyGalaxy light devices
  • Each HP base's transmit distance (radius) > 150 meters (492 feet)
  • 35 HP bases can be connected Maximally
  • EnjoyGalaxy base MP version and LP version, looks same but different inside, will have label indicate the version name
  • Each MP base station can support 1024 EnjyGalaxy light devices
  • Each MP base's transmit distance(radius) > 60 meters (196 feet)
  • Each LP base station can support 300 EnjyGalaxy light devices
  • Each MP base's transmit distance (radius)> 20 meters (65 feet)


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