Mini wireless buzzer 206 - Enjoy Buzzers

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Hardware Feature
  • Lockout + light + sound
  • Make your own TV style quiz game show
  • three status light:Green(start light), White(buzz light),Red(stop light)
  • Big button for rush
  • ID programmable
  • can work with or without computer/software
  • Power: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 5.Battery life testing Press the ‘Battery’ button on the master controller,then all buzzers will show its light color: Cyan: full battery(voltage>=3.9V) Blue: (Voltage:3.7~3.5V) Yellow:(3.5~3.2V) Purple/Red:(<=3.2V)

B206 Controller
  • Enjoybuzzers can work without computer, can be controlled by a remote controller which is called B206 controller.
  • 7 Buttons: 4 big buttons: start(OK), Stop, Continue(>), Answer; small buttons: Music On/Off(<), Power, Mode
  • LCD screen displays the Max Id, the winner Id, and the winner
  • support up to 8 buzzers
  • See how the 206 buzzers work here

Our users from around the world

ENJOY buzzer, game show table and scoreboard works together

All the devices are wireless ones. Just put and use. Create a studio in a minute.

See French TV2 used our buzzers

See Alyahat TV used our buzzers

Detailed specifications
  • Total Dimension: 31mm (H) * 50mm(D)
  • Response: <1 s for 8 buzzers
  • Pressed time precision: 1 ms
  • Battery: 4.5v rechargeable lithium battery,
  • Battery life: 6 hours (Lithium battery),
  • LED status,LCD display
  • 2.4GHz digital RF technology
  • Power required: two 1.5 volt batteries
  • Transmission angle: 360 degrees
  • Control games procession
  • Dimension: 49 *104 *15mm
  • Support 1-8 buzzers


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