How many remotes (also called handsets, keypads, or clickers) can we use at one time?

Up to 3000. Check the User’s Guide for the specific number of remotes for each model.

How fast does the ENJOY Audience Response System process answers from the remotes?

The system can handle 100 response signals in less than one second. ENJOY response systems have some of the highest processing speeds of all response systems available.

Is the ENJOY Audience Response System infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF) based?

IR and RF based systems are available.

How far can the remotes be from the receiver?

For Radio Frequency (RF) based systems the remotes can be up to 100 meters (325 feet) from the receiver. For Infrared based systems (IR) the remotes can be up to 15 meters (50 feet) from the receiver.

Can the receiver accept signals from remotes anywhere in the room?

Radio Frequency based systems (RF) can receive signals from all directions (360 degrees). RF systems do not require a direct line of sight between the remote and the receiver. Infrared based systems (IR) can receive signals from a 280 degree arc across the front and sides of the receiver. IR systems require a direct line of sight between the remote and the receiver.

How many receivers should we install in a room to make sure all the remotes can reach a receiver?

It depends on the room size and configuration. For most rooms up to 100 x 100 meters in size, one radio frequency (RF) receiver will handle the entire room. RF systems are recommended for rooms larger than 20 x 20 meters in size. If a conference or meeting has participants located in several separate rooms or if the room is very large (e.g. a sports stadium), or an unusual shape (e.g. trapezoid), or has obstructions such as pillars, extension receivers may be required. Refer to the User’s Guide for details on receivers.. Infrared (IR) systems work well in smaller rooms, (i.e. less than 20 x 20 meters in size). If you want to use an IR system in a large or irregularly shaped room, extension receivers must be used. . Refer to the User’s Guide for details on receivers.

How does the ENJOY Audience Response System connect to my PC?

The response system connects through a standard USB port connection. A driver download is available to ensure the receiver can connect through your USB port.

Does the ENJOY Audience Response System work with a Mac computer?

The system only works with PCs running Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Please note that you may need to download a free USB driver for the receiver to communicate with your PC. Email ENJOY Technical Service for the free driver download.

What do I do if a remote is temporarily lost or misplaced and I need to give the participant another remote?

Give the participant another remote and reset ID number on the new remote to the same number previously assigned to the participant. Instructions for resetting the ID number for the IR118 and RF218 models are in the User’s Guide. The ID numbers for the IR117 and RF 217 models can be reset using the Setting and Query software that comes with each system. If you want to add additional remotes to a system, use the Setting and Query software to assign ID numbers to the additional remotes.

Can students bring the remote home and use it to record homework?

Yes, they can. This is a timesaving way to use a response system. Students can use the IR118 or RF218 remotes to record answers from their homework on the remote. The LCD screen on the remote displays what question they are working on and they can check homework by scrolling through the answers they have recorded. When the students return to the classroom they can quickly upload the answers to the teacher’s computer by pressing a single key! The response system will automatically grade the homework. Teachers see which concepts and problems were difficult for students to grasp and can review the appropriate material as needed. Teachers can give students fast feedback and let them know how they did on the homework.

Can we edit the histogram that shows the results of a quiz or poll to adjust the percentages for the number of students in class that day or to adjust for poorly worded questions?

Yes, you can edit the histogram using the advanced Qu. Set function.

What versions of Microsoft PowerPoint does the ENJOY software support?

ENJOY software works with all versions of PowerPoint.

Is there a fast way to load my existing test questions into the ENJOY Response System format? Do I need to retype in the Questions and answers?

Yes, there are time saving ways to use the questions you already have in PowerPoint. The Qu Set function includes an Auto Acquire command which will load your existing PowerPoint slides into the response system format. Or you can use the Copy and Paste method to load your questions.

Can we export the quiz results data?

Yes, you can. ENJOY response systems export using the Excel format. You can use this to move test results to an electronic grade book or to your own spreadsheets for analysis. Note that you can also use Excel to import class rosters into the ENJOY response system to save typing time.