Game Show Presenter / popular in USA - Enjoy Software Family


  • Compatible Hardware:
    Enjoy buzzer, version
    Cube Dome Tower buzzer
  • 3 games in one program that are popular with trainers, teachers and event planners. (GOLD version has a bonus 4th game!)
  • Easily add your own questions and answers.
  • Built-in coaching gets you started fast.
  • Customize the game show title screen to fit your event.
  • Save your game files for repeat use. Build a collection!
  • Music, sound effects and score tracking are built in.
  • Add a picture to any question.
  • Works with or without number key buzzers.
  • Applicable to education, event and quiz game show
  • Please see the introduction video here

    How it work with buzzers

    How it work with RF217 clickers



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