Octobuzzy - Enjoy Buzzers

System Feature
  • Wired
  • Cost effective
  • portable
  • lockout
  • with sound and light
  • support 8 buzzers Max
  • LCD window displays ID number
  • Base needs 2 AAA batteries, buzzers no need batteries
  • False Start Alarm
  • No need computer

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Detailed specifications
  • Size:12cmX12cmX12cm;
  • Material: ABS
  • 1 LCD windows
  • Supports up to 8 buzzers
  • Weight (without batteries): 0.2kg
  • 4 buttons: Power ON/OFF, Start, Continue and Mute
  • Batteries: 2* AAA batteries
  • Battery life: 20-50 hours
  • diameter 5CM, height 3CM
  • No need battery
  • with light
  • with sound
  • 1 buzz in button
  • Connection cable: 1.5 meters


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