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  • Different color buzzers mean different options !
  • Buzzers can work with the crowdcontrol games which can play by keypads...
  • Easy to set the keystrokes' function of each button of buzzers ...
  • Different game can play: .
  • Crowdcontrol game is compatible with ENJOY Technology buzzers.
  • The use of Crowdcontrol game is simple and intuitive, designed for a touch screen.
  • Compatible Hardware:
    Enjoy buzzer, version
    Cube Dome Tower

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    How it works ?

  • Set the keystroke to the buzzers' buttons with Enjoy program.Then open the setting file,the buzzers can work.
  • Open the game you want,the MC to control the start and stop.
  • The MC to control the rounds and restart with master controller!
  • Enjoy buzzers support many games, click below pictures to view them!


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