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  • With its 303S buzzers, ENJOY SLAM controls the reading of people hits !
  • Playing and refereeing is easier. Scoring is automatic and done with the timer...
  • In an available time,who can hit more or who can memory more pairs color or find the good combination ?
  • 10+ game modes available : Blind Test, MCQ, Quiz, Bam,Bam 2p,Erazor,Erazor 2p,Simon,Memory,Mr Mind,Oxo and more!
  • ENJOY SLAM is fully compatible with ENJOY Technology 303S buzzers
  • The use of ENJOY SLAM is simple and intuitive, designed for a touch screen.
  • Compatible Hardware: Enjoy Universal Buzzers/ Slammers 303S Pro and 303S Mini versions.
  • Keep your body and mind alive!
  • Learn more about EnjoySLAM

    Click below pictures to the video of the games!

    How it works ?

  • Plug into the receiver first,then open the 'config' to set the buzzers' ID or other options you want.
  • Open the second screen,and choose the mode you want play on the control board.
  • After MC saying start,click 'start' button on the board,then players can do their best to challenge.

  • Functions
      Set up :
    • For each team, you can edit the name and the color!
    • Many parameters can be modified from the setting window. You can, for example, change the number of connected buzzers, set the color of the displayed texts,..
    • You can choose whether games start with buzz,if choose,that mean players can start the next round with press any buzzer,no need to click the 'start' button on the control board ...
    • After any change of HF settings,please click 'CONNECT' to confirm,then save,then can start the game with new setting!
      Game mode :
    • Total have 10+ game modes
    • 1.Bam! 1 player (up to 64 buzzers),follow the light and hit the lit target…in allowed time, the more you hit the more you win !
    • 2.Bam 2P!2 player (up to 2*32 buzzers),follow the light and hit the lit target…in allowed time, the more you hit the more you win !.
    • 3.Erazor!1 player (up to 64 buzzers), in allowed time, you must turn off the more light you can !
    • 4.Erazor 2P!2 player (up to 2*32 buzzers), in allowed time, you must turn off the more light you can !
    • 5.Simon !1 player (up to 10 buzzers), try to reproduce the sequence...the biggest sequence wins !
    • 6.EMemory ! 1 player (up to 20 buzzers), see the template and find pairs with same colors…the fastest player wins !
    • 7.Mr Mind ! 1 player (up to 64buzzers),try to find the good combination ! red light : not the good place in the sequence. green light : ok be faster as you can to win...
    • 8.Oxo ! 2 player -9 buzzers/16 buzzers,Get 3 lights or 4 lights in a row to score. In allowed time biggest score wins....
    • 9.Blind test, name that song, song quiz...
    • 10. MCQ, multiple choice questions
    • 11. Pub Quiz
      On the show :
    • ENJOY iZiMiX manages dual screen display: on the main screen, for the MC : the game itself. On the 2nd screen, for the audience : the scores ranked in real time, who hits his buzzer and the confirmation of the scores ...
    • ENJOY iZiMiX is showing score,time and game name on the 2nd screen. .

    Let’s play !!!
    • Here, 1/2 teams compete!
    • After MC choose the game mode and click start,all buzzers will flash different colors first,it mean the buzzers be actived...
    • If BAM and Erazor game,when buzzers light,you can hit.If other game,when buzzers off light,you can hit
    • The page on the second screen will show how many buzzers you hit or how many correct sequences correct,how long you used.
    • Watch the real use of EnjoySLAM on site

    Don’t forget

    8 game modes are available:

  • ENJOY SLAM is fully compatible with Enjoy 303S BUZZERS !Up to 64 buzzers...
  • Contents of the package
  • 1 software license (for 1 computer)
  • Needed :

  • 303S enjoy buzzers
  • 1 receiver
  • ENJOY iZiMiX supports XP, W7, W8, W10


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