ENJOY FINDER - Enjoy Clickers

2.4G radio frequency technology. Low power consumption, small size and simplicity of operation. It can be used for searching and tracking product or package

Hardware introduction

Master controller:
The high resolution barcode scanning head on master controller support quick scan number.
Support input identification number by manual operation.
Transfer signal to the receiver real-time by press “search” button only
Range: 50 meters
Support any number of receivers, no quantity limitation.

About the Receiver:
Low power consumption with slim design. Battery: CR2032
Download barcode or identification number real-time by press button only
Flash and sounds when calling, and it can be shut by press button when you find it.

Work Steps
1. Use Master controller to Scan the barcode number or input by manual operation
2. Download the number to receiver, and hang the receiver which configured on the package
3. Search the package: Use Master controller to scan the AWB barcode or input the number by manual operation press “search” button the receiver hang on package voice out with light flash to identify which package you are searching.


RF Clickers (100m)
HP RF Clickers (400m)
IR Clickers (30m)
Enjoy GSPS
Carry Case
Enjoy integration kit
ENJOY Audience Response System Softwares