ENJOY Audience Response System Softwares - Enjoy Clickers

ENJOY Audience Response System has several software versions:

* Enjoy Quiz Master, PowerPoint build in design, easy to learn and easy to use. Enjoy Quiz Master support all kinds of questions formats: Slides, Word, Paper Print, Flash, Web-based, Oral questions and so on.
This version includes two sub versions: Enjoy Quiz Master for Education and Enjoy Quiz Master for event and meeting.

* Enjoy Class, touch control design, very convenient for users who use touch board at the same time. This software includes Enjoy Touch, Enjoy PPT, Enjoy Standard Exam and Enjoy Quiz Freedom.

* Enjoy Cloud, which allows questions and data sharing in internet.

For more software details, please visit the Enjoy Software Family.


RF Clickers (100m)
HP RF Clickers (400m)
IR Clickers (30m)
Enjoy GSPS
Carry Case
Enjoy integration kit